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About Us

In 1989 in a pub in Lincoln ,  Steve Otter and Mick Eady were having a couple of pints, when they realised that in 1990 it would be 30 years since the Regiment had become a Missile Regiment so they decided that they could not let the anniversary go by without a celebration, so they organised a get together of as many ex 50 Missile Regt Members that they could find and asked WO2 Kevin Greasham if he could get Sobraon Barracks to hold the function. 
This resulted in 178 people attending this first get together  on the 12 -May-1989 at  Sobraon Barracks  in Lincoln.
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It was decided by all attending the get together, that it would be a good idea to make it an Annual Event, the next one being in Dumfries in 1990. 
In 1991 it was held in Doncaster and while assisting Mick Neale to organise the Doncaster Reunion, I got the idea of forming a National Club,and so the 50 Missile Club was born.
The aims of the Club are to promote and ensure a continuity for all future Reunions,to keep old friends in touch with each other,also to enable members to make new friends and hopefully re-unite long lost friends.
The Membership is open to all ranks and widows of men who served in the Regiment under any of its three titles ie:-
50th H.A.A - 50th Medium Regt  and  50th Missile Regiment R.A.    
Also to all of our support units:-
R.E.M.E    R.A.O.C   A.C.C   R.A.P.C.  Y Servay Troop (94 Locating Regt RA.) 69th USAFAD  etc.
We have a life Membership Fee of £15-00.  This ensures that you will receive correspondance regarding all future reunions.