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50th Missile Club Royal Artillery

The Following has been accepted as the written constitution of the:-

50th Misssile Club R.A.

1.The Title of the Club shall be “The 50th Missile Club Royal Artillery”

& the Headquarters Address will be the Home Address of whomsoever is acting as the Hon Secretary of the club.

2.Members elected to hold Office will do so for a period of 5 (five) years.

3.The Club is to be open for membership to any rank of the Royal Artillery & their Wives & Families, that have served on the posted strength of 50th Regt under one or another of it’s various Titles.

4.Honorary members may be appointed at the sole discretion of the committee

5.Associated Support Arms are welcome to become members of the club as long as they have appeared on the posted strength of 50th Regt. i.e. R.E.M.E.,R.Signals, R.A.O.C., A.C.C. etc.

6.The Club will be non-sectarian and non-political and will refrain from taking part in political or religious matters or disputes.

7.The Committee may expel members from the Club if they bring the Club into disrepute.

8.Members will at all times act as good law-abiding citizens.

9.The Cost of becoming a Member of the Club will be a One-Off payment of £15.00.

Objects of the Club

10.To organise reunions in order to bring together former members of the regiment.

11.To create, foster, & keep the bond of comradeship that has been built in the Club.

12.To look after the welfare of club members by bringing to the notice of the Welfare Officer & the Royal Artillery Charitable Fund any member who requires assistance.

13.To be an Associate member of the Royal Artillery Association.

14.The club will adopt the prayers, blessings & commemoration as laid down by the Royal Artillery Association.


“Let us remember with thanksgiving and with honour before god and man, all ranks of the Royal Regiment of Artillery who died giving their lives in the service of their Sovereign and Country”


“We will remember them.”


“For what we are about to receive Thank God”

Codicil, when the club disbands (at the discretion of the serving committee) and having served notice to any surviving members. The Property and any Monies owned by the Club, will be donated to the Royal Artillery Charitable Fund to be used for the express purpose of benefiting members of the Royal Artillery Association.