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Menden (Sauerland) is in the district Märkischer Kreis, in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is located at the north end of the Sauerland near the Ruhr river and was the home to 50 Missile Regiment Royal Artillery until March 1993.

Menden's first churches were built in the 9th century. From 1180 on the area around Menden was part of the Cologne region, however, as it was on the border with the County of Mark, it was often fought over. In 1276, it received city rights. Industrialization started early: in 1695 needle production was the first industry, later followed by limestone products like cement. In 1816 Menden was included within Prussia, after being part of Hesse for 13 years. In 1975 the city was merged with several previously independent municipalities, thus it grew in area as well as population.


Situated near the river mouth of the Hönne, Menden has a population of almost 60,000. Characterized by its 725 + year history, it is nowadays a good mixture of tradition and modern age, history and progress, past and present. The face of Menden is characterized by the historical part of the town, with the St.-Vincenz-church and its lovingly renovated timber-framed houses, which are surrounded by the buildings from former epochs like the Wilhelminian time and the Art Nouveau as well as modern buildings.

The cherished townscape and the attractive surroundings with lots of forests, offering numerous recreation and sport facilities, made and still make Menden an alluring place. Lots of religious, cultural, carnival, sports and folk events bring Menden to life. In addition to a diversified cultural programme including performances, concerts, exhibitions and cabaret there are also a lot of pubs and restaurants which offer a break from daily routine. Not forgetting the pedestrian precinct with its outlets and cafés providing an invitation to go on a shopping spree in the traffic-calmed city centre.