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The Secretary


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50 Missile Club RA

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My name is Tony Todd and I have the honour of being the Secretary (and founder member along with Frank Johnston) of the 50 Missile Club RA.

I was born in a small village in Nottinghamshire called Farnsfield .

In 1958 I joined the Army and after a few weeks at Oswestry I was posted to 50 Medium Regiment at Troon in Scotland , where I did my 6 weeks basic training.

Tony 1959

On passing out I was promoted to I/Bdr and posted to 174 Battery 6 months later I was promoted to Bdr and in late 1959 was sent on recce party to Northumberland Barracks in Menden. West Germany to take over the equipment etc from 58 Medium Regt R.A.

After the Regiment took over from 58 Medium Regt R.A. the Regiment was reorganised and in August 1960. Was re-equipped with two Battery’s with the Honest John Missile (15 Battery and 21 Gibraltar Battery ) and two Battery’s with the 8” inch towed Howitzer. (33 Heavy Battery and 78 Heavy Battery).

On the 18 March 1964 the Regiment was re-named 50 Missile Regiment R.A

174 Battery had become 21 (Gibraltar 1779-83) Battery, I served with the Battery until my promotion to Sgt in 1964 and I was posted to 33 Heavy Battery as MT Sgt and later in 1964 was promoted to Gun No1. in Right Section, I left the Army and Regiment in April 1967.

In 1962 my wife Mary started the Kindergarden in 50 Missile Regt RA and it ran until 1993

On my demob in 1967 My wife and I stayed in Farnsfield Notts my home town until 1969 and then moved to Dumfries where we have remained until this day.

I met my wife Mary in 1959 and we married in 1960 in 1961 my wife joined me in Menden.

We have been married for 52 years ON THE 27/5/2012



Your office bearers for the period of
June 2010 to June 2015

Lt.Col.John Haywood, (MBE)
(Ex Adjutant and
Battery Commander of
21 Gibraltar (1779-83) Battery R A.)

Lt Col Nigel Cook

Life Presidents
Steve Otter
Mick Eady

Honorary Life Presidents
Frank Johnstone
Mick Neale

James Baker

Vice Chairman
Chris Hainsworth

Tony Todd

Kevin Gale

Standard Bearer
Dave Barrowclough

Dave Anthony
Bert Gatehouse
Bill Connor
Chris Morgan
Roy Ritchie
Neil Johnson
John Purkis
Dave Purkis
Ev Tyrie
Dave Findlay
Danny Taylor

Welfare Officer
Jim Baker
Tel 0161-494 9590
Mobile 07720383911